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"Students for Students" is a website that helps students across India learn new skills, explore new activities and brush up on their academics through online video calls. We offer a number of academic and activity based courses, collated and taught by only the best. The quarantine has left us stressed, constrained, and bored; we hope our online learning platform will give you an opportunity to make the most of your free time and develop your learning.

Our live courses are AVAILABLE FROM ANYWHERE in the country and are completely FREE TO USE!


We are aware of the difficult situation our healthcare workers are going through and would like to do our bit in helping out. We have created a campaign on the Fueladream website and paired up with an NGO called Helping Hands, which is producing PPEs for India's healthcare workers.

If you enjoy our classes you can click on the link below to donate to this worthy cause.


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Course Instructor for Math, Physics, Computer Science, and Drama

Dhruv is a 19 year old STEM enthusiast with a passion for music and scuba diving. Dhruv also loves playing a variety of roles in theatrical performances. He enjoys solving math problems and watching thought-provoking YouTube videos in his free time. He was the Head Boy of the Bombay International School, and is currently pursuing mechanical engineering at Imperial College London.

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Course Instructor for Math, Physics, and Hold'em Poker

Arnav Marda is a 19 year old who, having graduated from the Bombay International School, is now pursuing a degree in computer science from UCLA. He has an unparalleled love for math and programming. Apart from this, Arnav enjoys all kinds of adventures and sporting activities. If you cannot see him outside the house, he is usually binging a new tv show. Arnav is also a die-hard Manchester United fan.

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Course Instructor for Fitness and Drama

Aditya is an aspiring actor/director who enjoys nearly everything film and theatre related. Also a fitness geek (with a black belt in karate), he is passionate about biology and psychology and is fascinated by how far the body and the mind can be pushed through physical fitness, training, and discipline.

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Course Instructor for Dance and Psychology

Anaya is a 17 year old student at the Bombay International School. She has been dancing ballet since the age of 5 and has completed 10 levels with  Royal Academy of Dance, as well as a pre professional course with American Ballet Theatre. Dance means more than just a class to her. Her friends joke about her bad football abilities and say that she even brings ballet onto the field. Besides dance, she enjoys photography, poetry, and doodling (in pencil!) in the margins of her school books.

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Course Instructor for History

Anusha is a 17 year old student who’s interests vary all the way from studying cinematography in movies to bio architecture to history and global politics. In her free time, Anusha likes to read everything - fiction, nonfiction, science journals, articles. Anusha’s interest in history and politics has resulted in her studying both history and global politics in the IG and IB respectively.

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Course Instructor for Olympiad Maths

Dev is a 17 year old Chicago bears fan. Because he can't play his favourite sport (American football), he has resorted to soccer, boxing and running for exercise. He loves reading crime thrillers is always accompanied by 2000's post-grunge or emo/alternative rock, playing through his headphones or speakers. He also likes watching psychological thrillers that get him thinking just like the math sums he chooses to immerse himself in.



Course Instructor for Biology and English

Diya likes biomedical sciences she can spend hours reading medical journals. When she’s not working she likes to paint, box, play the violin or go diving!



Course Instructor for Chemistry

Esha Mundra is a 17 year old student at BIS. She likes to read, sketch and listen to R&B music. In her free time she binge-watches The Office (for the 5th time) and YouTube videos. She has been playing the guitar for 6 years and loves making films. She is also strangely passionate about dolphins and marine mammals.

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Course Instructor for Music

Right from the small stresses in sandpits at six years old to the not-so-small stresses of the SATs, the one constant for Kyra has always been music- especially writing her own songs. She is a great believer that with the right mindset (inculcated through yoga) and the right melody have the power to change anything.

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Course Instructor for FIFA20 Ultimate Team

Mikhaail is 17 years old, and loves sports. He loves playing and watching football. He has been supporting Liverpool FC since 2011 and has mastered the realm of gaming, especially FIFA20.

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Course Instructor for Calligraphy

Niharika is 17 years old and studies at the Bombay International school. An aspiring lawyer with a passion for painting, she uses art as a stress buster and form of expression. She has been painting since she could hold a brush and has never let go, teaching herself through trial and error. Besides art, she enjoy MUNs, and debates, especially heated arguments.

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Course Instructor for Dance and Music

Samia has been a passionate musician and dance lover ever since she started walking and talking.  She was an avid runner before lockdown put a stop to it and likes to spend her free time playing piano, learning dances, reading and spending time with friends and family.

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Course Instructor for Music

Shloka Subramaniam is a 16 year old student at BIS. She is passionate about music and took up singing in 2017. She has performed in multiple charity events at the Royal Opera House and the NCPA. She also loves animals, horse riding, and watching funny cat videos on YouTube.



Course Instructor for Marine Biology

Allegra is an aspiring politician who has a huge fascination with marine biology. She is also a polyglot, speaking Hindi, Spanish, English, and French. Not only does she love the academic side of things but also adores the arts, and in her free time she tries to go scuba diving but will likely just spend time being mundane and reading a book.

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Course Instructor for Origami

Vedant is an avid amateur origamist who loves watching paper come alive. He swims competitively and cooks in his free time.  He hopes that this course will teach you the basics of origami and maybe interest you enough to try and learn on your own!

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Course Instructor for Music Production

Vir (aka JU5TICE) is a self-taught music producer/rapper. When he was introduced to Eminem at the age of 10, Vir instantly fell in love with the hip-hop genre. What started off simply as a hobby, has now become something that he hopes to pursue in the future.
Along with cars, basketball and comics, music is one of his many passions that he loves to share with others. Making music has been a sort of therapy for him, and he believes that this (relatively) simple yet super fun way to express one's emotions can help people in many different ways.



Course Instructor for Python

Hamza is a 17 year old student studying at the Bombay International School. He has a deep passion for coding and computer science as a whole. From Data Science to Machine Learning, Hamza knows a lot regarding programming, especially in Python. Beside that, he's also very interested in Math and Physics, and swims in his free time. Hamza is also an avid gamer, and you'll sure see him online playing Call of Duty at most times of the day. 



Course Instructor for Introduction to indian Law

Mannan Rajani is a 17 year old student at the Bombay International School. He is fascinated with Indian Law and has done internships with High Court Lawyers on a couple of occasions. He is exploring the possibility of becoming a lawyer in the future. Apart from this, he is interested in Drama and is well known for his jokes. He also enjoys reading and writing articles on his blog in his free time.



Course Instructor for Introduction to Indian Law

Nitya is a 17 year old student at BIS. She is passionate about badminton, law and her Cloe Ting YouTube workouts. In 2018 she did an internship with Harayani and co. (a law firm) Nitya is deeply concerned about anxiety and mental well being of teenagers. She hopes to be a successful litigator one day.



Course Instructor for Yoga

Purna is a 17 year old studying at the Bombay International School. She had been doing yoga since the second grade and loves to meditate to relax. She finds yoga especially useful for school going students dealing with considerable amounts of stress. Apart for Yoga she loves Biology, Psychology and photogtaphy.



Course Instructor for IGCSE ICT and Chemistry

Jana is a 17 year old student at BIS. She enjoys technology science and basically most STEM related things apart from Bio. In her free time she’s either annoying her dog or  baking (what else can she do in quarantine?). She also enjoys photography and aspires to start her own company some day.



Course Instructor for Public Speaking

Sanika is a 17 year old student studying at the Bombay International School. A passionate MUNner and Debater with a keen interest in international relations, Sanika loves public speaking and can engage herself in a conversation for hours together. In her free time, Sanika enjoys writing, reading, and swimming.



Course Instructor for Calligraphy

Nandini Raisurana is a 17 year old who writes and dances to destress from the burden of her school work. She is the founder of Poetry in Pandemonium -a platform for upcoming spoken word artists and songwriters and just like her organisation's name suggests, she hopes that everyone can see the beauty and find what they love in this chaotic world .



Course Instructor for Yoga

Malvika is a 17 year old who studies at BIS. An extremely special part of her school experience has been the yoga classes from second grade onwards. Since then meditation through yoga has become an integral part of her life. She hopes to help other people to get in touch with with their inner-selves. Her other interests include fitness, writing incomplete stories, meeting new people and re-organising her bulletin-board. 



Course Instructor for Economics

Aaria is a 17 year-old student studying at St. Xavier's College, who very recently scrapped her long time goal of being a doctor and leapt straight towards the arts. She likes playing sports, dancing and sleeping. She also loves falling down youtube wormholes and watching any movie she can get her hands on (although she would probably tell you she likes reading more than watching movies, and she would be lying).

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Course Instructor for Mastering Model UN

Ranay Sah is a 17 year old student at The Cathedral and John Connon School. He has been attending MUNs since the 9th grade and has racked up a plethora of awards and experience ranging from the likes of Cathedral MUN in Mumbai to Harvard MUN Boston. His love for MUN and debates pushes his goal of becoming a lawyer in the future. He believes that Mun can create the future diplomats of the world and therefore wants to help students find their purpose through diplomacy and communication.



Course Instructor for FIFA20

Varun was born in Gujarat but lived most of his life in Pune. He studied at the diverse UWC for several years and moved to BIS for the 11th and 12th. Through his years in different schools he's had diverse experiences and has found that football for him was what unified everyone.  In his free time he loves to play sports like football and basketball, and also loves all his video games.

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