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Taught by Niharika Agarwal and Nandini Raisurana. Designed for Grade 6 and above.

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About the Event

Course Description:

This will be a beginner’s Calligraphy course. It will entail basic calligraphy skills including symmetry, proportion, angles etc.

allowing you to be able to write aesthetically with consistency. You will learn 4-5 specific

fonts as well as the ability to pick up any fonts you find online and discover your own

creative fonts. The course will include the basic calligraphic font with nibs, cursive italic

fonts, Block letters fonts for titles as well as brush pen fonts. You will learn techniques of

using shadows, and 3D effects and shading with fonts. The latter classes will consist of

making compositions with multiple fonts in order to make cards, notes, journaling, etc. We

will also do 2 projects; calligraphy card with a watercolour background and using bleach for


Materials required may include:

Gel pens or markers (any brand, colours of choice)

Calligraphy nib pens (while dipping pens are not recommended they will work too)

Brush pens (colours of choice, any brand will do however some good options are Tombow,

Brustro, Sakura Koi, or any watercolour brush pens that blend well )(You can also use

watercolour/acrylic/poster paint with a paintbrush instead, but this requires more skill)


Masking or washi tape (This is only for composition and can be omitted)

Ruler, pencil, eraser, paper

Any types of bleach with coloured paper/ cloth/ old tshirt (This is optional for the last


It is not necessary to have all the materials given here as Calligraphy can be done with

simple substitutes too. If majority participants do not have some material that session will

be changed to suit availability. Font practice sheets will also be provided which if possible

can be printed and used for practice. Regular practice of all fonts is imperative for easy


Please contact me at regarding any questions about the


Frequency of the course: 1-2 classes per week (6 in total)

Duration of a class: 1 hour

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