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Nayantara Chandrashekhar, Physics (IGCSE)

The students for students IGCSE physics class was both educational and enjoyable as the concepts were made clear and a large amount of content was covered in a short amount of time. The teacher was approachable and answered any questions we had, even the ones outside of the portion. The interaction made the class fun while we covered content simultaneously, and I looked forward to attending the sessions.

Manas Pise, Indian Legal System

I recently took a course of law by nitya and mannan on sfs. I never thought I would ever take any sort of course for law as I was never really interested in it and didnt even have it as my career option but by reading the description of the course I thought it would be additional knowledge which wouldn't harm me anyway. So I signed up for this course and it really got me engaged, thanks to the instructors. Nitya and mannan maybe the same age as me but both of them have a very keen interest in law and to teach it to others. They really had some fun activities and got all of the students engaged. it was a class where both of them engaged us with jokes and some serious learning as well. They even shared their personal experience with all of us about their internship and had one session with top lawyers in the city which was some learning as well. Both of them were very relaxed, encouraging,and  knowledgeable whenever they teach something. And if u ever take a law lecture by nitya you will for sure face some questions and she saying "guys dont worry we wont judge u please try" and she will try every method possible to get you talking. And mannan on the other hand will throw facts at you which will indeed help you. Thank you nitya and mannan

Prini Jain, Calculus

The calculus course was extremely helpful and it cleared up the concepts of most complicated topics. Thank you for being such a good teacher

Pratichi Vidhani, Economics

It was a very informative session. We learnt many new things about economics. The way you taught by  relating difficult economic terms with day to day examples made it very easy to understand and grew our interest in the subject. The terms and concepts covered were also very helpful in our academic portion. I would still love to learn about the subject more.

Adviti Gautam, Psychology

For me, SFS was really fun and helpful. I think the main reason it worked really well for me and probably many other kids is because our “teachers” weren’t really adults we didn’t know but our own seniors and friends and that gave a sense of comfortability and ease. There wasn’t an hesitation when it came to asking questions and the classes were paced according what suited us and the atmosphere of the class in general was just great.

Nayantara, Chemistry

The students for students igcse chemistry class was informative, interactive, and intriguing. The teachers were always well-prepared and willing to answer any questions about the subject, and they were warm enough that the class was informal yet engaging and communicative. I thoroughly enjoyed the class as I learnt new concepts and reinforced what I had learnt in school already with their help.

Leah Mirchandani, ICT

All the ICT classes I attended were extremely informative and engaging. For me, this class was a quick revision of things I learned earlier, but for others it was great head start. Jana went out of her way to provide us with multiple ICT resources which will definitely come in handy very soon!

Jaini Shah, Yoga

The course was really good and I got a new way of calming my mind. The last 15 mins of every lecture were the best cause of the peaceful shavasana that you all taught. It was really healing and helpful in also getting a relaxing night of sleep!

Shreya Malani, Physics for the IB/APs

Students for students is a remarkable program that allows for students to work with exceptionally qualified students in order to learn niche subjects. I took the Physics with calculus class and over the span of a couple classes, Arnav Marda taught extremely complex topics with elaborate explanations using both formulas and examples. He was able to simply complicated physics topics such as the math behind collisions in 2 directions and difficult calculus related formulas. I was very impressed at the way he taught formulas because he walked us through each step of how to arrive at the actual formula instead of just writing it down. I loved the class, and it gave me a very clear understanding of the concepts of AP Physics C.

Ayaan Marshan, Drama

There is so, so much to say about the SFS Drama program. There were so many reasons I enjoyed it. For one, the teachers taught it with so many fun activities, that really helped us both learn new skills and have loads of fun in the process. Secondly, the teachers made the experience more personal by having us choose a scene from any movie we like, and then we would discuss something about it in the next class. Each class we chose a different scene and discussed, be it the set, lighting and why the chose that perticular lighting, or even things the actor did really well to help the scene. 
Thirdly, the structure of the course was great. In the first few classes they taught us a lot about the elements of drama like the how the set should be in a perticular circumstance, or what tiny things an actor can do to add onto a scene. Then, in the week between the third and fourth (the last class), we wrote, and recorded a monologue. This monologue was to show everything we had learned in the class: set, characters, lighting, sound effects etc, and use those new skills into the monologue. Then in the last class we gave feedback to everyone's performence, we discussed what they did really well, and where they could improve. That class was one of the most fun hour I've had for a long time. 
Finaly, I have always wanted to join a drama class and learn acting, and when lockdown happened I thought I wouldn't get the opportunity for a really long time. But then all of a sudden I heard about the SFS Drama program and signed up right away. I love the fact that they are trying to make lockdown better for everyone. I really really enjoyed tho course, and hope I can join further classes that they may have.


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